Are you a company and looking to surprise your teams for an event?

Be creative and think “outside the box”. Your New York Story helps you customize your event tailored to your needs while adding a pinch of originality.

How does it work ?

Let us know the theme of the scavenger hunt you want your employees to participate in. We will design your custom scavenger ad hoc. Based on your needs, we will share a quote in advance. If you are not into thinking about a specific them, we do offer 3 scavenger hunts all year around. Those scavenger hunts are tailored for2 teams up to 15 people in total

  • Alice in Wonderland theme in Central Park
  • Agatha’s mystery in Grand Central Terminal
  • Blondie themed Scavenger Hunt in the East Village (up to 5 teams)

We do also help coordinate specific rewards for your teams based on their level of success at the scavenger.

The cost ?

It depends on your project and the number of participants. During our first discussions we give you a price range depending on the number of participants, the brief and the duration of the activity. Once the project is finalized we will give you a precise quote.

Other Examples of Team Building Events 

  • A guided tour of the East Village community gardens followed by a private event
  • Summer graffiti workshop in your office or in a private venue or on a rooftop

Videos of our past team building events in New York City :

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