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Description and rollout of your Greenwich walking tour

Greenwich, also nicknamed the “village”, today prides itself on being one of the most fashionable neighborhoods in Manhattan. Shops with sleek windows, small cobbled streets shaded by elegant brownstones, jazz and comedy clubs make up the charming landscape of Greenwich. Behind this atmosphere, we tell you the story of the bohemia of the musicians of the folk movement or the poets of the Beat Generation. Cafe Regio was then just one of many cafes in the South Village where the cappuccino machines gleamed, where customers snapped their fingers to encourage the poets declaiming their prose.

During the visit, you will discover, among other things:

  • The famous building from the series Friends and the starry path of the playwrights
  • The story of Edna St. Vincent Millay and her oldest theater in Greenwich, the Cherry Lane Theater
  • The fascinating character of Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney and her support of the arts in the neighborhood
  • The first bourgeois houses so characteristic of the Row Houses of Washington Square Park
  • The place where Allen Ginsberg and Bob Dylan first met
  • The Story of Cafe Wha and the Bitter End: 2 Greenwich Musical Juggernauts
  • The history of the gay movement and the Stonewall Inn
  • Many anecdotes about Jack Kerouac, Gertrude Stein, James Baldwin and even a play by Picasso!

Tip: There remains an artistic club from the end of the 19th century still open to the public, ask your guide for its address after your visit!

For who?

This walking tour is suited for grownups mostly 😉

Duration and price

Your Greenwich Village tour costs $39 per adult and $29 per child under 12 years old. A minimum of 4 people is required to validate a reservation for a small group tour. For a private experience with your specialized guide in Greenwich just for you, you’ll cost $249 (rate valid for groups of up to 5 people).


Your public walking tour is confirmed subject to a minimum of 4 participants. If fewer than 4 participants are registered then Your New York Story reserves the right to offer another time slot or refund the visit.

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