The secrets of Grand Central Terminal

Description and rollout of our Grand Central Terminal guided tour

Grand Central Terminal is often unknown even to locals, unaware of its secrets, tunnels, and stores. Few know the existence of a tennis court overlooking Park Avenue, or where the offices of the director of this legendary station are located. Do you know the fire station hidden around the corner of a quay? So many secrets which will be revealed to you during our guided tour to a Beaux Arts style masterpiece from 1913.

During the tour, you will discover:

Passages between buildings around the Terminal including a path to the Chrysler Building (we will tour its lobby)
The tunnels (the station has more than 40 underground tunnels: a real labyrinth)
The omnipresence of the figure of a the Vanderbilt family
Luxury hotels from New York’s golden era
The remains of a well hidden movie theater
The famous Whispering Gallery
The Campbell Apartments
The tennis courts from Grand Central (yes you can play tennis in the Terminal)
The underground passage to get into the Chrysler Building
The locations from movies shot in Grand Central Terminal

Tip: Ask us to take you to our favorite rooftop after the tour !

For who ?

Anyone eager to explore Grand Central’s maze.

Prices and duration

Public tour

Our Grand Central Terminal costs $39 per adult and $29 per child over 12 years old. A minimum of 4 participants is required to validate a reservation for a small group tour.

Private tour

For a private guided tour of Grand Central Terminal (up to 5 participants), count on $225

Terms and Conditions 

The tour in small group format is confirmed subject to a minimum of 4 participants. If fewer than 4 participants are registered then Your New York Story reserves the right to offer another time slot or refund the visit.

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