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Founder of Your New York Story, Laurène has no equal when it comes to embodying historical and imaginary characters. His magic recipe? A pinch of theater, a big bowl of history, a hint of magic and you find yourself in a supercalifragilistic atmosphere!

Whether as Santa Claus, a good witch or a detective, Laurène will transport you to a new universe.

Her New York Story :

“During a discovery tour in the Lower Manhattan, I entered a candy store (vintage candy store) hidden under the foundations of a skyscraper. Inside, Marc from Egypt working in this store out of time since 1986. We talked about the passing of time, about children…about life These talks with these strangers who become acquaintances fascinate me.”


Journaliste de métier et de formation, c’est naturellement que Bouchra s’intéresse au métier de guide. Multipliant les rencontres sur le terrain, ses visites sont jonchées d’anecdotes sur les locaux.

Sa New York Story : 

“Lors de la visite de SoHo, quel plaisir d’échanger avec Louis Meisel, un des premiers galeristes d’art à soutenir le pin-up art. Il nous a retracé toute l’existence de sa galerie avec passion. Une nouvelle New York Story !”


A die-hard New Yorker, Benedicte is knowledgeable about her adopted city. Mother of 4 children, she is particularly comfortable with families looking for fun and historical guided tours. Her hidden talent? Bénédicte is an artist at heart and on paper! Ask her for all her tips for enjoying New York as you should.

Her New York Story :

“During a guided tour in Harlem, I was able to introduce the director of the Harlem Jazz Museum. What a fascinating discussion on the origins of jazz and the role of the French in Louisiana.”


  New York New York, the tune of Sinatra resonates when you are with Virginie. This French woman in love with the USA will lead you with a beating drum during enchanted visits. In love with New York and its energy, ask her for a little private rendition of a Broadway tune.

Her New York Story :

“When I was a teenager, I always considered the Broadway stage as mythical, inaccessible… Today I had the chance to sing in the Birdland cabaret accompanied by “Billy Stritch” Liza Minelli’s regular pianist. magical moment !”


When she is not visiting Océane is on stage. In addition to being a guide, Océane is an actress in New York. Ask him to tell you a story about the first Broadway shows in New York.

Her New York Story :

“During a visit to the famous Actor’s Studio where Marilyn Monroe studied theater, I had the chance to meet a former student. This cinema enthusiast told me many anecdotes about Norma Jeane. A new New York Story!”

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