Jazz themed guided tour in New York City

Description and tour rollout 

Follow David, our musician and licensed tour guide who has played with the most famous artists  in legendary venues such as the Iridium club. Discover the fun facts from the Blue Note, the Bitter End, or even Arthur’s Tavern. Your New York Story has designed a rich 2-parts tours You start in Greenwich the Village, where for 1 hour and a half, David will show you the iconic jazz places where Bob Dylan and Jimmy Hendrix played. Understanding the roots of the blues and its ramification with  jazz and all its forms is the goal of this tour dedicated to music in New York City. Then you will take the famous A train, dear at Duke Ellington‘s heart to ride to Midtown. During the day, the tour includes a tour at the Carnegie Hall museum to see the artifacts of the greatest musical artists such as Ella Fitzgerald or the clarinetist Benny Goodman.

This experience can take place during the day or in the evening. The evening tour includes 2 establishments where you will enter to listen to live music.

For  who ?

For all those eager to discover the places associated with jazz in a synthetic and personalized way.

Schedule, price and location 

Your specialized guided tour on the theme of jazz music in New York costs $489. It is a private tour. If you wish to make this tour in the evening, you will need to count 1 drink in each of the two jazz music clubs where you will be taken.


If you are a group with minors, no problem, let us know in our contact form so that we can best advise you on the format best suited to your group.

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