Walking tour in Carroll Gardens & Gowanus

Description and rollout

When you think of Brooklyn, the first neighborhoods that come to mind are Dumbo, Williamsburg and Bushwick. There is nevertheless a small enclave where you often hear French spoken in the street. Between schools, church, and businesses with a French accent, the Carroll Gardens neighborhood in Brooklyn has the appearance of a small European village but with the “cool” side of New York. Since the 2000s, Brooklyn has started to become fashionable. The Carroll Gardens neighborhood, a 30-minute walk from the Brooklyn Bridge, has followed the trend. From the refined brownstone townhouses to the industrial lofts transformed into luxury apartments in Gowanus, the days when mobster Joe Gallo ruled President Street are long gone. Our contrasting visit will immerse you in the origins of Brooklyn. On the menu for this 2-hour visit:

A church transformed into a home that you can visit with your guide.
The exclusive society of Pozzalo citizens who watch over the Carroll Gardens neighborhood
Key places of the Italian community since the beginning of the 20th century
The unusual place of a soda fountain where the “egg creams” will no longer hold any secrets for you
Anecdotes about the Italian mafia in the Carroll Gardens neighborhood
Gowanus Bay, a former cove where oysters were tasted in the 17th century!
Real estate passions unleashed by the Gowanus Canal
Discovery of local artisans in the Gowanus district

For who ?

For anyone who wants to discover the stories of Carroll Gardens and Gowanus! This two-hour tour is also suitable for older people. This is the perfect tour for expat family visiting Brooklyn or Manhattan.

Duration and price

Your guided tour specializing in architecture in New York costs $39 per person for 2 hours of guided tour covering the two neighborhoods of Carroll Gardens and Gowanus. Count on $199 if you want a private visit.


The visit in small group format is confirmed subject to a minimum of 4 participants. If fewer than 4 participants are registered then Your New York Story reserves the right to offer another time slot or refund the visit.


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